Turned Steel Hammer

No other hammer on the market can compare to the quality of our American Made Turned Steel Hammers. With the world's smoothest swivel and a perfectly balanced solid ball, our Turned Steel Hammers have the feel of a world­class competition hammer with the durability of a high end training hammer.

Manufactured to exacting specifications right here in Valparaiso, Indiana, our Turned Steel Hammers will help take your training and completions to the next level.

Turned Steel Hammer features:

  • The hardened, heat treated stainless steel swivel is the smoothest and most durable on the market. This is the same swivel installed in our ProSeries Tungsten Hammers.

  • The perfectly balanced solid steel ball is lathe-turned from a solid steel bar. Diameters are significantly smaller than typical turned or cast iron hammers.

  • Includes a high quality, light weight aluminum grip handle.

  • Available in 40 different sizes for training and competition. (Competition legal sizes meet all NCAA, USATF, and IAAF specifications)

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4 lb to 8.3 lb

1.81 kg to 3.75 kg


8.82 lb to 13.8 lb

4 kg to 6.25 kg


14 lb to 18 lb 

6.4 kg to 8.2kg


18.2 lb to 26.5 lb

8.25kg to 12kg


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