Push Throwing Gloves™


Hand made by Zeb Hoffman, Push Throwing Glovesare made of the finest grade buffalo hide. Buffalo hide is characterized by its extreme durability and strength. Push Throwing Glovesare machine stitched using extremely thick thread for unparalleled durability.

The minimalistic design provides incredible comfort and protection without adding unnecessary weight. The glove is secured to the wrist using a strong and comfortable cotton strap with an infinitely adjustable snap buckle. After adjusting the wrist strap, the glove goes on and comes off the same way every time. This eliminates the need to re-adjust the length of the wrist strap after every throw.

Push Throwing GlovesTM are 100% hand made in Seattle, WA

Available in 5 standard sizes from Small to XXL. Please see sizing chart:

Push Throwing Glove

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