The Dominator Athletics Pro-Series Indoor Weight was recently used to break the NCAA Division I record. It is the Official Weight of the 2015 NCAA Indoor National Championships.

Whether you are a professional thrower or an elite collegiate athlete, this weight could help you make it to the next level.

  • Pro-Series Tungsten™ throwing weights provide the greatest mechanical advantage of any throwing weight on the market, resulting in measurably longer throws.

  • The PST has the lightest harness and hardware on the market. This allows us to put nearly an extra pound of material in the ball. This alone lengthens radius significantly.

  • Our demo PST was used by AG Kruger to throw 25.18m at the Northwest Ohio Invite! This was the farthest throw in the world in 2012.

  • The PST Weight’s ball is filled with the highest density material of any weight on the market.

  • Dominator NanoFill Technology™ allows us to create an extremely dense fill without drastically increasing costs.

  • The Pro-Series Tungsten™ Weight has the greatest shell thickness on the market, making it the most durable ball on the market.

Pro Series Weight

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